Venner is a social enterprise that aims to tackle food poverty and improve health and wellbeing in families.

We work in partnership with Venner to help families in need of support by delivering healthy, plant-based “nutrition boxes”. Boxes are delivered directly to early years settings, and contain ingredients for a family of 4-5 people, plus a meal plan, recipe book and access to online recipe videos.

Our healthy eating initiative encourages families to take greater control of their health and well-being. It encourages the whole family to take part in preparing meals together and understand what constitutes a healthy, varied diet. It also supports families with budgeting and meal planning, empowering future generations. Both Montessori Group and Venner share the same child-led values, champion equality in childhood development and believe that every child has the right to reach their full potential in life, with good nutrition being a vital component.

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Laura Holland
Head of Venner UK

“The Venner social enterprise was founded in 2018 by two sisters in Finland who are passionate about healthy food being accessible and affordable for everyone. This can be especially important for some underprivileged families, who may often be most at risk of negative health and wellbeing outcomes due to diet. By introducing Venner’s plant-based, nutrition-focused diet, as well as our ongoing cooking and educational support, we have seen that we can positively impact families eating and cooking habits. Working with Montessori Group has meant we are able to reach families who are in need quickly, and enable more children to experience the benefits of a nutritious diet to enable them to have the best chance in life. Montessori Group is a long-term champion of equality for children, so having access to their network and expertise is invaluable to our shared objective.”