The main aim of Montessori education is to help each individual child reach their full potential in an environment specifically prepared to meet the child’s needs and interest. The adults and children are an integral part of this nurturing environment designed to facilitate the Montessori motto of ‘following the child’.

Key Fundamentals or Principles

The key fundamentals or principles of the Montessori approach, which should make the motto become a reality for children attending Montessori-based education are:

  • Supporting the child as an active learner

  • Respecting the inner life of the child

  • Trusting the child’s inner motivation

  • Providing freedom within limits

  • Encouraging the child’s inner discipline

Pedagogical Principles

Pedagogical principles which scaffold these key fundamentals:

  • Vertical grouping

  • The work cycle

  • The favourable environment

  • An empathetic educator

Reflection upon these fundamentals and principles, enables open and engaged consideration of the most appropriate actions for educators as they accompany children in their learning and development experiences. Montessori teachers have the opportunity to influence children’s lives and by giving the best of themselves to the children, our future can flourish.

Teacher training activity with Montessori Centre International (MCI) is built upon this concept – we are fully focussed on promoting adult learning that reflects the same principals of a supportive and collaborative learning environment, scaffolding learning through community, open discussion and valuing the individual.

Following the unique adult is integral to the design of our courses and qualifications.