Cities for Children is a UK-based charity which provides support and safe spaces for children living in poverty in Pakistan. In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, Cities for Children believes all children deserve the right to learn, play, and reach their full potential.

They create safe environments for children in cities, particularly children living on the streets, where they have access to education and freedom to explore their own interests. We are supporting their work by enabling a new Partners in Learning project – an exciting new peer-to-peer learning programme where older children (‘Big Partners’) are empowered to support the learning of younger children (‘Little Partners’).

Partners in Learning was originally piloted to maintain young children’s connection with learning during COVID-19. It will enhance learning for children with little access to quality pre-school, and a focus on playful and socio-emotional learning.

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Madeeha Ansari,
Founder of Cities for Children

“Our ‘Partners in Learning’ project is rooted in Maria Montessori’s belief that “play is the work of the child”. MCI’s support has enabled us to infuse a child-to-child early learning model with Montessori principles. Through the project, we’ve ensured that even if schools are closed, children who live on the very margins of cities have opportunities to stimulate their minds, explore new ideas and create positive memories – all in a safe space. MCI has not only helped us to expand the programme and reach more children in a new location, but also to strengthen it and communicate ideas around “the absorbent mind” of the Little Partner, for whom every experience matters.”