Our Montessori Global Education mission and its commitment to social change through education is unique – we will raise awareness of the Montessori philosophy and enable the use of Montessori’s principles to support less advantaged families worldwide.

For more than 70 years our organization has been delivering high-quality Montessori training and capacity building to educators and more recently, community practitioners too working within less traditional educational environments. We offer a framework of professional recognition – providing access to regular quality assurance oversight and enhancing the reputation and promotion of sustainable, high-quality educational experiences worldwide.

Consistent with the Montessori pedagogy, our courses, training and qualifications are based on individual and organizational reflection and inner work, including that of developing cultural competence and understanding around notions of difference and how we perceive people who are different from us. Practitioners are taught to support exploration of difference and sensitivity to others at ever-increasing levels of complexity to promote intercultural sensitivity and empathy from a very young age, foundational for the development of attitudes of global citizenship.

Research programmes and our organisations own experience of delivery and project working combine to demonstrate the value of the Montessori pedagogy in working inclusively; cross-culturally and with an open awareness of the many wide needs of students with particular learning requirements, varied socio-economic backgrounds and diverse educational experiences or circumstances that impact on their approach to educational opportunities. Many aspects of the Montessori approach such as vertical (multi-age) grouping within learning environments, learner-centred practices and a focus on creativity and social, emotional wellness are uniquely suited to supporting a learning experience that is individualised, motivational, self-directed and ultimately able to enhance self-confidence; develop skills of independence; inspire belief in decision-making and build capacity within own resilience.

Our wide and varied community of educators, families and young people are vitally important to us – without your support into the reality of educational challenges faced today we would not be able to represent the rich and intricate community of practice across Montessori deliver globally. To share Montessori-inspired insights and resource stimuli, we offer free access to our Montessori Global Education Network, where individuals can learn more about Montessori, discuss ideas, share thoughts and experiences. We are constantly evolving our activities and communications within the Montessori Global Education Network to ensure that we are offering innovative learning opportunities and chances for collaboration.