Young V&A is a prestigious new museum (previously the Museum of Childhood in East London) which opened in July 2023. It is a space where children, young people and families can imagine, play and design. Montessori Global Education’s partnership with Young V&A builds on our organisations’ historic connections, highlighting how Young V&A’s vision and operations are guided by Montessori principles. The partnership demonstrates Montessori Global Education’s commitment to enhancing creative expertise in order to provide support and development opportunities for education professionals.

Our collaborative work includes:

  • An online event and blog piece – Nurturing Creativity in the Early Years – in Summer 2023, to build early years educators’ confidence in bringing creativity into learning spaces.

The event was part of a series of Young V&A discussions building communities of practice – drawing together peers to explore the role of early years educators in establishing lifelong relationships with creativity.

  • Forthcoming hand-on events using Montessori principles to inspire creativity with children, families and educators – on-site in the museum’s “Town Square” and exhibition spaces, and
  • New resources to help spark creativity in the early years.

Visit Young V&A’s website

“We’re delighted to continue working in partnership with Young V&A – supporting children, families and educators to develop the creative skills they need to thrive in life and learning.


Leonor Diaz Alcantara, CEO of Montessori Global Education