In collaboration with research organisation HundrED, Montessori Global Education is conducting a global project – the Child-Centred Learning Spotlight – to gather and share examples of innovative child-centred learning across the world.

This Spotlight project will raise awareness about child-centred practice, highlight the Montessori philosophy’s relevance to contemporary challenges, and further the expansion of access to high-quality education for all children. Ultimately, the innovations selected by the Spotlight’s expert Advisory Board will amplify examples of high-quality, evidence-backed, scalable innovations that can support inclusive and holistic education.

Why submit your innovation?

  • Recognition: The recognition of being selected will provide public, third-party validation from an independent panel of international education innovation experts. The application process itself will support you in reflecting on your work, outcomes, and future directions – encouraging a deeper understanding of your work.
  • Visibility: Selected submissions will be shared internationally via HundrED and Montessori Global Education’s networks.
  • Connections: Participation in the events organised for selected innovators will facilitate networking with others interested in educational innovation, potentially opening the door for future collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Who can submit an innovation, and how?

From June 2024, we have an open call for submissions of evidence from grassroots innovations and educational approaches. We welcome submissions from educators, innovators, and practitioners who may or may not be Montessori-trained, working in both formal and non-formal education contexts. Applicants should demonstrate that they prioritise learner agency, supporting each student to fulfil their own individual learning path, passions and interests. In addition, innovations should demonstrate alignment with the five main principles of Montessori, or show it is intentionally working towards them:

  • Supporting the child as an active learner
  • Respecting the inner life of the child
  • Trusting the child’s inner motivation
  • Providing freedom within limits
  • Encouraging the child’s inner discipline

Submissions are made online via HundrED’s online portal. A guide to the submissions process is available here.

For any further queries or clarifications, please contact

Key Dates

Submission period opens: June 25, 2024
Submission period closes: October 7, 2024

Advisory Board submissions review period: January 10-24, 2025

Selected innovations notified: February 2025

Spotlight report release: May/June 2025