MCI’s Quality Assurance and Quality Recognition Framework – Standards, Training, Accreditation, Review

Our Quality Recognition Framework supports developmental quality assurance and enhancement across the education sector.

Our pioneering approach to Montessori education and professional recognition is open to everyone – all education providers offering learner-centered approaches – as we award the STAR status to educators or organisations able to meet our Principles and Standards, choosing to be held accountable for their methods of operation and professional practice.

This enhanced professional recognition model, fit for purpose within contemporary education and industry, serves to open access to the assurances of a Montessori recognition – expanding accessibility beyond the traditional education locations and venues around the world.

The STAR framework

The STAR framework encourages professionals to train in Montessori specialist courses and qualifications and apply for recognition across five streams of STAR activity (Accreditation, Endorsement, Approval, Affiliation and Certification).

For many years we have been at the forefront of formalising Montessori professional recognition and quality assurance in the UK and globally. In 2021, we launched a fresh and exciting new recognition framework that broadened the environments where education could be recognised.

STAR now provides a global, professional recognition framework able to highlight excellence in Montessori and Montessori-inspired educational provision and delivery.
We are proud to offer STAR at a time when there is a growing global need for practical support and promotion of quality educational provision. Funders, partners and sector collaborators are also now seeking out methods of assuring the quality of educational provision and STAR is an efficient and effective system of recognition that is unique in its support for on-going development across every setting, no matter the size or funding status.

Quite simply, high-quality provision is acknowledged as an essential component in delivering the best education and care for children across the globe; the presence of our STAR logo publicly identifies providers able to uphold such provision. We offer a spotlight to these providers and ensure that the education sector; parents; families; prospective employees and wider audiences recognise our quality mark.

Looking for the highest quality school, early-years setting, or home-based practitioner?

Journey to Accreditation
(e.g. independent nursery settings or home based educators)

Successful Accreditation status provides assurance to communities of quality compliance and on-going embedded practice routed in authentic, sustainable Montessori, and Montessori-inspired, practice.

Achieving Endorsement
(e.g. well-respected service providers; products or settings with capacity to operate set curriculum models and/ or resources)

Successful Endorsement status provides public recognition of quality educational provision which is innovative and relevant; enabling learning communities to make informed choices when looking for high-quality education programmes or study locations.

Host & Beacon Training Centre Approval
(e.g established, expertly staffed settings with local training needs for staff)

Successful Approval status enables established and well-positioned educational providers to be supported, monitored and inspired by contemporary Montessori practice across adult learning provision and offer a portfolio of well-managed and sector relevant professional development courses and qualifications.