Montessori Global Education is proud to be supporting the implementation of Solidarna’s “Culture in the Community” programme, in Croatia. The programme supports Solidarna’s main goal to provide local residents with opportunities for cultural expression and creativity, to support improved mental health.

In May and June 2022, a Street Art project is taking place across Glina, Petrinja and Jabukovac, with children and young people presenting their own graffiti. Young people will also participate in artist-led workshops, and a festival day in June.

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Laura Holland
Head of Venner UK

“The Venner social enterprise was founded in 2018 by two sisters in Finland who are passionate about healthy food being accessible and affordable for everyone. This can be especially important for some underprivileged families, who may often be most at risk of negative health and wellbeing outcomes due to diet. By introducing Venner’s plant-based, nutrition-focused diet, as well as our ongoing cooking and educational support, we have seen that we can positively impact families eating and cooking habits. Working with Montessori Group has meant we are able to reach families who are in need quickly, and enable more children to experience the benefits of a nutritious diet to enable them to have the best chance in life. Montessori Group is a long-term champion of equality for children, so having access to their network and expertise is invaluable to our shared objective.”