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Little Gems Training Centre, Cyprus

With its spacious and fabulous premises, and meticulously prepared environment, Little Gems Training Centre is an ideal learning environment for students – an environment where students flourish and grow in knowledge in a family atmosphere.

Little Gems Training Centre (LGTC) is an international centre located in Cyprus’ coastal city, Larnaca. LGTC is a well-established centre where previous training has all been extremely successful where students attending were not only studying but enjoying the Mediterranean Cyprus’ sun, food and hospitality.

LGTC’s dedicated teacher trainers have plenty experience of working with both big and small people. We are sensitive to different learning styles and thereby guide our adult students as we do with the children, we follow them in their learning and development. We have fun along the learning journey by exploring our fully stacked Montessori environment and our carefully prepared extensions. You will learn through guidance, exploration and discovery. Through the hands-on learning approach in the practical part of your studies, you will further your understanding by linking the Montessori philosophy, with practice.

Carola Lång-Howard, Director, Head of Academics & Teacher Trainer at Little Gems Training Centre.
“There has been a wonderful ripple effect of the Montessori method & approach since the start of my first nursery in Cyprus in 2007. Practitioners both locally and internationally have shown an interest in adding the Montessori qualification to their training. I am therefore delighted to bring the IMP Philosophy and Practice course to Cyprus and hope to see you soon.”

Little Gems Training Centre will offer a range of MCI programmes including:

Integrating Montessori Practice (IMP): Philosophy & Practice

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