Vincerola Academy, Germany

Vincerola Academy is a place where the atmosphere is peaceful, where political and religious differences are overcome, and international unity is promoted and developed.

Vincerola is a bilingual and international Montessori Academy in Cologne and Aachen, Germany. Vincerola’s educational concept is based on five principles; Montessori pedagogy, bilingualism, family-type structure, international curriculum and sustainability. Vincerola’s vision of “a world where strong and resilient children have fun and learn through play” is a guiding principle for the training in our Academy. Vincerola’s self-image includes ongoing development and optimisation of the pedagogy relevant to the needs of society today.

Just as we do with the children we encourage our adult learners to explore, experiment, learn through trial and error, and develop the ability to concentrate and persevere – these are the clear outcomes of the Montessori pedagogy. We recognise that everyone has different learning styles so we support individual areas for development and reinforce strengths. Vincerola Academy promotes participant satisfaction through its emphasis on individual learning and small learning groups. Satisfaction is one measure of quality, which is regularly controlled in its entirety by rigorous internal audits. The trainers are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and equipment to carry out their tasks competently and safely, further ensuring a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning and to improve the participants’ skills and further their opportunities on the labour market.

Marvin Reyes – Pedagogical Director – Innovative Didactic Materials’ Coordinator – Head Vincerola Academy:

“We are delighted and proud to be the first academy in Germany to offer specialised Montessori training for all those interested in embracing Montessori as part of their daily routines. We are a passionate and enthusiastic team committed to society, thus ensuring that children receive the quality of education they deserve. With a dynamic team of qualified tutors and staff, every course comes with full support through phone, e-mail or online sessions. Our students are always at the heart of what we do.”