Young V&A is a prestigious new museum (previously the Museum of Childhood in East London) – opening in July 2023 – where children, young people and families will imagine, play and design. Montessori Group’s partnership with Young V&A builds on our organisations’ historic connections, highlighting how Young V&A’s vision and operations are guided by Montessori principles. The partnership demonstrates Montessori Group’s commitment to enhancing creative expertise in order to support education professionals.

Our collaborative work includes:

  1. An online event and blog piece – Nurturing Creativity in the Early Years – in Spring 2023, designed to build early years educators’ confidence in bringing creativity into learning spaces. The event was part of a series of Young V&A discussions building communities of practice – drawing together peers to explore the role of early years educators in establishing lifelong relationships with creativity.
  1. Future hand-on events using Montessori principles to inspire creativity – with children, families and educators on-site in the museum’s “Town Square” and exhibition spaces.

Visit Young V&A’s website

“We’re delighted to continue working in partnership with Young V&A – supporting children, families and educators to develop the creative skills they need to thrive in life and learning.


Leonor Diaz Alcantara, CEO of Montessori Global Education